Bridging Ceremonies

Pack 485 Bridging Ceremonies for Webelos To Boy Scouts

prepared by Troop:

  1. Troop neckerchiefs
  2. Green shoulder loops
  3. Scout Handbook
Prepared by Pack:

  1. bridge
  2. pack flag and US flag (with stands)
  3. poster and presentation (by webelos)

CM: Today we have Cub Scouts who will embark on a new adventure in Scouting. Will those Scouts of Pack 485 gather with their parents over on the left side of the bridge?

CM: (when they are on their position, face to parents) During the years you and your sons have been in Cub Scouting, we have had numerous opportunities to work together along your trail. Your boys have reached the age to enter Boy Scouting. I’m sure you and your sons will find the same satisfactions there that you found in Cub Scouting. As a symbol of the growth of your sons and their entrance into Boy Scouting, I will ask that you lead them before me and prepare to guide them across the bridge into Boy Scouting when I obtain permission for your sons to enter Troop 485.

CM: Hello! Troop 485!

SM: Hello! Cub Scouts of Pack 485! What do you desire?

CM: I have Cub Scouts of Pack 485 who have prepared themselves for entrance into Troop 485 and who all wear Cub Scouting’s highest award, the Arrow of Light.

SM: Bring them forward to the bridge and join us. (Lead parents and boys to the bridge. Scoutmasters cross the bridge and are introduced to parents and boys.)

CM: Boys, it has been a sincere pleasure knowing and working with you. In a few moments you will no longer be Webelos Scouts. I hope and pray that the desire, eagerness, interest and free spirit you have shown in Cub Scouting carries over into your families, church, school room, circle of friends, and everything you do in your lives.

Boys, you have contributed much to your den and pack; and we shall miss you and your parents. You leave us to enter the Scout Troop of your choice. There, I’m sure, you’ll continue to grow in Scouting skills and friendships.

Now that you are leaving our pack and Cub Scouting, will you remove your neckerchiefs and give them to your parents. Your new Scoutmaster will soon present you with a token of your status as new Boy Scouts in Troop 485.

(Scouts and parents follow the Scoutmaster(s) across the bridge.)

SM: As Scoutmaster of Troop 485, I welcome you and your parents. It is our pleasure to present you with this token of our troop.

SM: “This neckerchief represents Knowledge. You Webelos Scouts who are bridging over to Boy Scouts have shown me that you bring with you a hunger for Knowledge. The Scouting program offers you a special kind of knowledge that will serve you well as you walk the sometimes difficult Road to Manhood.”

(Present boys with neckerchiefs. Have other Boy Scouts place them around their necks.) Wear it with pride as many have done before you. We welcome you to our troop with your first official handshake.

(This is followed by the Scoutmaster and new Boy Scouts repeating the Scout Oath together.)

As the new Boy Scout exits the bridge, he is welcomed by his new Troop
Assistant SM who’s in charge of the New Scout Patrol, and by as many other boy leaders as the Troop can muster that evening. The parents are likewise greeted.

When all have bridged over, the SA asks the new Boy Scouts to take hold of the Troop flag with their left hand and raise the Scout sign with their right. He leads them in the Scout Oath, and the ceremony is over.