On My Honor I’ll Do My Best!

基督之家中文學校的幼童軍485團(Pack 485)成立於2011,隸屬於美國童軍SVMBC團部(Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council),每年在四月開始接受下一個學年的報名,新學年的活動則在暑假過後開始。除了例行的室內課程之外,2018-2019學年度的主要活動還包括:

  1. 野餐及水壓火箭 (Picnic & Water Rocket)
  2. 科學及科技小常識挑戰 (STEM Challenge)
  3. 模型汽車比賽 (Pinewood Derby)
  4. 手工肥皂製作 (Soap-Making)
  5. 射箭 (Archery)
  6. 舊金山動物園夜宿 (San Francisco Zoo Overnight)
  7. 家庭大露營 (Family Camp with Troop 485)


美國幼童軍自2018年開始接受女生加入,歡迎小學一年級至五年級的男生及女生報名,如果您的孩子已經在六年級或更大,歡迎加入童軍485團(Troop 485)。 幼童軍使用晉級的方法來鼓勵孩子學習和成長,有關詳細的晉級規定請看New Scouts網頁。 如欲報名參加本團請與我們聯絡

Scouting is Game with a Purpose.

Pack 485 was chartered by The Home of Christ Church in Cupertino (基督之家第五家) and is part of Home of Christ Chinese School ministry. We meet roughly every other week during the school year from September to May. We have 6 or 7 outings each year including hiking, camping, picnic, and an overnight at the museum or USS Hornet carrier. For more information about our schedule, check out our Events page. Interested in getting more information? Visit us during our Pack Meeting at Home of Christ Church in Cupertino (10340 Bubb Road, Cupertino) or send us an e-mail.